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dimecres, d’octubre 20, 2004


Beggars in Barcelona
When I'm walking around the streets of Barcelona, and mainly on La Rambla, I notice a lot of beggars sitting by the side of the road. A quite normal sight in any big city I guess, but something is anyway different with the beggars here in Barcelona- they are all (or some..) missing a part of their body! Either a hand, half their foot, an arm and so on...why is it like this? Why is it so many peolple here who has amputated some part of their body? And why do they have to sitt in the street and " show of" their missing part to get money?
So I wonder- how are the sosial system for people like that, or for people in general here in Barcelona who has no job. I have tried to search on the internet, but I cant find anything- or maybe it doesn't say. I will have to find out during my stay..

dijous, d’octubre 14, 2004

Catalan vs Español

"Spanish or Catalan?"

Me and one of my friends went out together to "interview" some people about there feelings about Catalonia. If they felt catalan or spanish, and if it was important for them that Catalonia got independent from the rest of Spain. We asked six people because we needed three answers each. We saw that there is a great difference in the importans of the catalan independence, but also that most of the people we asked felt catalan and not spanish. We tried to ask the questions in spanish, and got all the answers in spanish, so this is what we think they answered(didn't really understand everything, but we think we got the most important parts...)

The librarian at school, Margarita (?) is born here in Cataloina and has lived here most of here life, exept from a few years when she lived in Mallorca. She feels catalan and has strong feelings about the catalan cultur and language. But she doesn't really think that catalan independence is important. Its "fine" by here to be a part of Spain. She thinks that catalan independenc is more important for younger people. That there is growing a stronger catalan feeling now. Her kids are half catalan and half french, but they still have a really strong feeling about catalan independece.

We asked a woman who worked in a store close to " Tomas bar" in Sarria. She was also born here in Barcelona and has lived here all her life with her family. She felt very catalan, but she thought there were people who were much more "extrem" than her. It was not important at al for her that Catalonia got independent.

The caretaker at the gym here at school had a different view- he felt spanish and not catalan. For him it was not important that Catalonia was independent and in his opinion Catalonia and Spain were iqual. He has also lived here almost al his life, except for a few years. And he liked foreign girls asking him questinos :)


Dear diary...
I have been here for two mounths now but not until last week when me parents were here have i really felt like a tourist. We went everywere! There were just some much I wanted to show them in so little time..
One day we went to wissit the monastery in Monserrat. We took the train out there and I had the station we were going of on written on a note. But as we were getting there I was talking on the phone, and didn't really pay attention, so we went of one station to early.. It was in the middle of nowhere and it was one hour before the next train came..;( ( I suppose we could have walked,but the motorway was not really tempting..) but, the sun were shining and my mother brought coocies- so it was quite nice! The monastery was great- so peaceful and quiet. And the view from up there are amaising! The mountains there are so different from the ones home in Lofoten. Even though I ám not really religios you get a spesial feeling at a place like that. Seeing the black madonna, kissing her hand and hearing the choir sing..

Another day we went to Sitges, and its really a nice little village. I have been there ones before in august, but then it was so packed with people. My paresnt really liked it there- and wanted to come back another time. Its good sometimes to just relax at the beach and drink nice Piña coladas by the beach..;)
Thats some of the things we did in my family-week!

dimecres, d’octubre 06, 2004

Expectations & Experiences


I had really a lot of expectations before my stay here stay in Barcelona! I have been here ones before, five years ago. I was then i apperentic to become a cheef/cook,so me and four others stayed here for ten days-that was great!! We eat at a lot of nice restaruants,wissited many of the turist sights,but also wine yards and villages utside of Barcelona. I wanted to come back!!

Spain and Barcelona is not really know (in Norway anyway) for having the best hotel and tourisme schools, so it wasnt that who tempted me about taking one semester here.
I guess it was my last stay here, and also that the studens who were here last year said that it was great!
I really wanted to learn spanish, so that was my biggest expectation, I also wanted to meet a lot of great people. From Spain but also from the other Erasmus countries- I was excited to hear how the hotel schools are in their countries.

I expected the city to be huge, and that it would be a bit scary to walk alone, and i also expected to be robbed(!) I expected to become really brown..after living in a country with such nice weather. I had also heard that the spanish people were really "mañana-mañana",so I expected that i would get really tired of that,of the waiting.

From the school I expected to learn a lot, I didnt really know much about the subjects before I came down here. I knew the Erasmus course here were not so much fucused on hotel (which i´m studing back home) but more on tourism. I expect to have a great time in Barcelona!

I have now been in Bac.for almoust two months- and I really like it!! A lot! The first five weeks we went to a spanish cours at "Enforex". It was good, but a guess I had hoped to learn even more.. I still have three months to practice..;) But "la gente" in Catalona is very helpful if you try to speek a littel spanish, and I dont think they are as mañana as I though they would be, I actually like that they are not running around like people do in Norway- always in a hurry to get some were. I especially like the "siesta"..

The city is easy to get to know-and its not sceary at all- I havent been robbed so far! And its so beautiful!! Except from de Gaudis,the Cathedral and all the other famous sights, there is so much more! Every time we walk in the city we find a new littel street we havent been in before, with small cafees, shops and nice arcitecture. We havent really been to so many of the famous "tourist sighs" yet, because I knew we were going to se some of them with scool, but I have met a lot of nice people, from Catalona, but also from all ower. I have found out that Barcelona is a very internasional city, even now when the main tourist season is ower.

About school its still a bit early to say, but it seems nice so far. The class seems really nice, and I´m looking forward to get to know everybody better. Which I´m sure we will at school, at parties and at all the festivals going on in Bac.

And I like the weather! Its so nice to just walk around in shorts and t-shirt all day, and also when we are going out at night. An the night life is great- ist so different from Norway! Back home the nighclubs closes at 2.30 but here you can stay out all night if you like.
But one ting I cant get use to is the pee smell everywere in the small streets in the city! Back home you get a fine if you pee in the streets-i dont think they do in spain..

There are still so much more I have to excpirience here in Barcelona, that I think this three months will go realy fast! Today my mother and father is coming to wissit- and I look forward to show them the city that I like so much!!

posted by Inger Mari Voie