dilluns, de novembre 22, 2004

A frightening experience

This friday we went out to have a good bye party to the Maastrich students. First we had a really nice time at Hard rock cafe, eating a three course meal and drinking some wine. After that we went up to placa Catalonia and sat down on a bench there for a while. Then three or four boys came over to us, they could not have been more than ten to fiftheen years. And even thoug we were about twelve girls we couldnt chase them away. We could clearly smell and see that they where sniffing. And then all of the sudden, they nabbed Sofies purse and run of! We should have know it would happen sooner or later, even though Mieke clearly told us to hold our purses tight ( she has already been robbed, and had a feeling..)

The worst experience was later, after we had got the police to come. They run after the boys, and came back with three boys for us to identify. They throw the boys down to the street, and started to hit them and handcuff them to keep them still. It was so bad to watch!!! And it wasn't them, we could of course not be sure, because as the police said they could already have been changing clothes. But we didnt recognise them. After a while they brougt in two more, which we had to identify, but it wasnt them eighter.

Now we started to feel really insecure at the street, because all the guys who had been "taken" by the police, and then let loose again where all standing there watching, and looking quite ready to "come and get us". So we spilt up and some went to the police station with Sofie, and the others went home. With a new and very sceary experience in mind. So the good bye evening for Anne Fleur, Mieke and Inge didnt really turn out the way it was supose to do. But I will miss them a lot, thats for sure!


Blogger Graham said...

Hi Inger!

I'm sorry about the bad experience you have had - what a shame to finish on such a sour note. I hope it doesn't spoil the rest of your time here


22 de novembre de 2004 a les 23:55  
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