dimecres, d’octubre 20, 2004


Beggars in Barcelona
When I'm walking around the streets of Barcelona, and mainly on La Rambla, I notice a lot of beggars sitting by the side of the road. A quite normal sight in any big city I guess, but something is anyway different with the beggars here in Barcelona- they are all (or some..) missing a part of their body! Either a hand, half their foot, an arm and so on...why is it like this? Why is it so many peolple here who has amputated some part of their body? And why do they have to sitt in the street and " show of" their missing part to get money?
So I wonder- how are the sosial system for people like that, or for people in general here in Barcelona who has no job. I have tried to search on the internet, but I cant find anything- or maybe it doesn't say. I will have to find out during my stay..