dijous, d’octubre 14, 2004


Dear diary...
I have been here for two mounths now but not until last week when me parents were here have i really felt like a tourist. We went everywere! There were just some much I wanted to show them in so little time..
One day we went to wissit the monastery in Monserrat. We took the train out there and I had the station we were going of on written on a note. But as we were getting there I was talking on the phone, and didn't really pay attention, so we went of one station to early.. It was in the middle of nowhere and it was one hour before the next train came..;( ( I suppose we could have walked,but the motorway was not really tempting..) but, the sun were shining and my mother brought coocies- so it was quite nice! The monastery was great- so peaceful and quiet. And the view from up there are amaising! The mountains there are so different from the ones home in Lofoten. Even though I ám not really religios you get a spesial feeling at a place like that. Seeing the black madonna, kissing her hand and hearing the choir sing..

Another day we went to Sitges, and its really a nice little village. I have been there ones before in august, but then it was so packed with people. My paresnt really liked it there- and wanted to come back another time. Its good sometimes to just relax at the beach and drink nice Piña coladas by the beach..;)
Thats some of the things we did in my family-week!