dijous, d’octubre 14, 2004

Catalan vs Español

"Spanish or Catalan?"

Me and one of my friends went out together to "interview" some people about there feelings about Catalonia. If they felt catalan or spanish, and if it was important for them that Catalonia got independent from the rest of Spain. We asked six people because we needed three answers each. We saw that there is a great difference in the importans of the catalan independence, but also that most of the people we asked felt catalan and not spanish. We tried to ask the questions in spanish, and got all the answers in spanish, so this is what we think they answered(didn't really understand everything, but we think we got the most important parts...)

The librarian at school, Margarita (?) is born here in Cataloina and has lived here most of here life, exept from a few years when she lived in Mallorca. She feels catalan and has strong feelings about the catalan cultur and language. But she doesn't really think that catalan independence is important. Its "fine" by here to be a part of Spain. She thinks that catalan independenc is more important for younger people. That there is growing a stronger catalan feeling now. Her kids are half catalan and half french, but they still have a really strong feeling about catalan independece.

We asked a woman who worked in a store close to " Tomas bar" in Sarria. She was also born here in Barcelona and has lived here all her life with her family. She felt very catalan, but she thought there were people who were much more "extrem" than her. It was not important at al for her that Catalonia got independent.

The caretaker at the gym here at school had a different view- he felt spanish and not catalan. For him it was not important that Catalonia was independent and in his opinion Catalonia and Spain were iqual. He has also lived here almost al his life, except for a few years. And he liked foreign girls asking him questinos :)